Por José R. Rivera Belaval


I stood in front of myself in another

It stood magnifying every inch of my existence

Its branches stretching into life

If I have no eyes I see the darkness

Through my bark fingers and green nails

I began forgetting our names

Scientific one

Familiar one

Categories erase themselves

Our faces

The texture of our colors

I had my curls

They turned the colors of the sun’s death

I did not began where I ended

Just stretched as I dug into the soil



Dust of divine bones

Dropped off as memories of crystal lives

Of that first burial of the seed

On that vein of fluidity

I sang the rain

And drank the fire

I covered myself in the watered earth

I am this magnificent soft whisper of wind turned life in front of me

This eternal swift and huff

These ephemeral swings and laughs

I held the bird that found a home in me

I also flew wherever it went

Swam in the milky cloud’s skins and

Surfed the zephyrs cold tails

Breathe in the shadows of stars

Glimmering in my sap

Glimmering in my tears



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